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17th of Spring, 1207 A.C.

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A world much inspired by Eberron, Cearus is a world full of intrigue, mystery and wonders. Where advanced technologies bordering industrial revolution are being discovered day by day, where the veil to other planes wears incredibly thin at places and where the marks one carries can hold as much power as an army, Cearus is a place for extraordinary individuals and exceptional deeds.   Divided into six continents, Cearus is as diverse as it is mysterious. It is an age of man, and in its hubris it thinks its pond of knowledge comprises the ocean of all there is to discover. Man, in this regard, is wrong, for the gods do not take kindly to being forgotten...   Oaren is the current economic powerhouse. Profiting heavily from advances in technology, its ties to other planes of existence and, now, the ancient knowledge of an undead kingdom. Still, this current age is a fork in its history; will Oaren enter a golden age, or will ire from within and without consume it once more?   Straidra stretches the definition of a continent, as it is much pretty much exclusively a collection of islands. What lurks beneath the water, though, is a world on of its own; rich in cities, kingdoms and settlements to those who can survive in Cearus' vast oceans. As such, many of the aquatic races find their cradle here.   Aechoron, home to many tribes and kingdoms, as well as many remnants of some greater civilizations. Much of the coastal regions are settled and 'civilized', but many regions inland are poorly mapped at best and full of treasures to get uncovered. Many beastfolk trace their ancestry back to Aechoron.   Ei'sias, the land of lakes, the land of war. Populated with numerous kingdoms and city-states, it is rare to not find at least two at war. These are rare times, however, for the last war ended in disaster that left a large stretch of land uninhabitable. As such, a fragile peace reigns. It is the birthplace of, among others, the goblinoid species.   Kostrix is a place of vast desert, steppes and (towards the equator) rainforests. Divided into three vast empires with their warlords constantly making moves against one another, little attention remains for cross-continental politics. Still, the island of dragons, called the eye of Kostrix, draws the attention of many across Cearus. Kostrix is where most scaled folk were first recorded living.   Uhtuth, the nordic continent, is home to the hardiest people who endure the full wrath of the cold. An unforgiving place to live, its people have evolved remarkable resistance to the many blizzards and scarcity of resources. Most of its inhabitants are goliaths, although many others reside in the (relatively) warmer southern regions.