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17th of Mezo Somero, 1337 CE

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For the last decade, the beautiful island kingdom of Carminia has been plagued by a great and terrible civil war. Battles between the Knights Carmine and the Freemen Resistance have torn the once prosperous land apart, wreaking havoc far and wide.   A large portion of the nation's citizens have been forced to flee their homes, seeking refuge where they can. Many have left the kingdom, forsaking their old lives to seek their fortunes elsewhere, while others join the Freemen in their revolutionary efforts against the oppression of the tyrannical king.


Traverse dark haunted forests, sail on pirate-infested waters, explore subterranean cities hidden within mountain caverns, discover ancient ruins under the scorching glare of the desert sun, and soar on steam-powered wings to castles in the clouds...   The Carminian Kingdom is a fantasy pre-steampunk setting, with rich history, robust cultures, diverse flora and fauna, and of course, magic. The adventures provided here will be formatted for D&D and GURPS. It is my hope that other GM's will be inspired to create incredible Carminian stories for their gaming groups, and help me to flesh out this setting along the way.