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God of Transitions, Arrivals, Endings, and Resolution

Mortal Guise


A cloaked traveler with graying orange beard and leaning on a walking staff with several cocoons clinging to it.   Most often seen knocking on doors posing as a weary traveler during childbirths, weddings, and funerals. The blessing of a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis is a blessing on the beginning, transition, or ending. While his duties seem to overlap with his twin sibling Amor's, they are not redundant. Mortalo is the threshold and arbiter of all change, Amor seeks to nurture the love and passion of that change.


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His domain includes vagabonds (whose lives are transitions from one place to another), and adolescent children (whose bodies are going through a metamorphosis of it's own). He hears the prayers for those giving birth and before a wedding. Death priests are also a big part of the religion as well.   Mortalo doesn't really care much for life in general, seeing our bodies as merely chrysalis for the soul. He takes part in mortal affairs rarely, solely to exact a change in the world, and when he does great and terrible wars have been the result.

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