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God of Knowledge, Wisdom, Experience and Guidance

Mortal Guise


Though he has been known to take the form of an elderly human male, Historio generally prefers to appear to mortals as an animal, usually an owl. Whatever form he assumes, his fur/hair/feathers/scales/etc. are always white.   In human form, he has often been described as "grandfatherly" as he dispenses his sage advice and ancient wisdom. As an animal, when travelers find themselves lost in dark places (forests, especially), Historio will emerge from the shadows to guide them to safety.


Associated Holidays, Observances, Rituals & Tradition


Across the Carminian Kingdom, it is customary during the season of Akselia (Historio's season) to learn something, or to teach something to others. Historio has no official holiday of his own, but the entire season is dedicated to learning and personal growth.   Apart from that, many communities and organizations hold their own festivals or observances to honor Historio. Among the most well known of these is the Rite of Mayoral Succession in Fool's Rock, where his name is invoked (along with Mortalo and Vidéa) to watch over and bless the ceremony prior to the commencement of the event.


Holy Symbols

  • Scroll/Book/Paper
  • Pen/Quill/Brush
  • Great Horned Owl (White)

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