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Carethian has 6 Continents, and is the second planet from the sun of a red dwarf, it has 2 moons who chase each other across the sky.   This world is populated by 3 sentient beings, Dragons, the Cravo, and what you can call Humans if that makes it easy for you because they are a lot like us, besides the fact that they have longer fingers, and toes and the general height is seven feet. What makes Carethian so different from ours is that early in the birth of life, life forms started to produce velisostion. So humans like many animals and plants on Carethian also produce velisostion, allowing some to be what we might call magicians. For those living in the land of Draco the people who produces a lot, are believed to be ones of the select few who the moons calls its sirens call too, like the Goddess of the Moons calls to the Ocean, and so brings them to her most devout followers the Dragon, to become dragon riders. In other parts of the world these individuals are called resonators.   This is a world of complexities because of the harsh living conditions; it has bread a lot of creatures not seen on earth. Fall into the complexities that make Carethian the vibrant world that it is let me weave you a tapestry so you can come to know this world so far from us, and yet has struggles that we humans face on this planet called Earth.