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The Senril is a commonly traded silver ring-shaped coin minted in the Feneren Presses.  It trades reliably in seven of the nine isles, with only Dra Khol and the Northern Superiority Company not recognizing it.  The distinctive three-band design is well known - two outer bands of silver and an inner band of bronze weave their way around the exterior of the coin.

Manufacturing process

The mint first casts a delicate weaved 2-strand woggle of silver and brass, an endless loop of material.  This thick ring is then sent through careful flattening to become the distinctive weaved and flat coin known today.


The Senril was originally minted early in the Age of Reclamation, and caught on like wildfire.  Its simple and hard-to-replicate design made it popular among bankers, while sailors appreciated its ability to be worn on a necklace.  Originally used only in trading routes, the coin eventually circulated into public use as well and quickly became the most traded currency in all of the Nine Isles.  While the Northern Superiority Company has tried to phase out Khilland's use of the Senril, preferring their own paper NSC Script, it still is immensely used even aboard their own ships.


As the most traded coin in the Nine Isles, the Senril is a common sight and a symbol of shoremanship across the Nine Isles.  Sailors will often refuse to spend their first paycheck of Senril, wearing the rings around their neck in a symbol of pride.  Almost every person in the Nine Isles carries a Senril Loop with them to use as payment.

Trade Rates

  • 10 Senril = 1 N.S.C. Script (Northern Superiority Company)
  • 10 Senril = 1 Gold Coin (Common)
  • 1 Senril = 10 Calves (LaGuin Archipelago)
  • 5 Senril = 1 Kholian Bone (Dra Khol, not commonly traded)
Item type
Currency & Deeds
Creation Date
Early Age of Reclamation
Owning Organization
The Senril is a common coin traded widely in the Canton - Nine Isles.
24 grams
Circular, 1 inch in diameter. Center hole is 1/4 inch diameter
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
The Senril is minted with bronze, and coated in a silver that gives it its value.
The press used to make the Senril is extremely complicated, and has been run by the Zyanya family of Olbrich Gnomes since the coin has been in circulation.  There is little actual manpower used to make the Senril, the tooling machine runs the entire process.

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