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Quilled Dragon

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

Quilled dragons are mostly piscators meaning that they eat fish, commonly diving underwater to grab fish and before returning to their nest to eat.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Quilled dragons live a solitary life style, like most dragons. when they encounter another of their species they will smell each other to become familiar and mark a border between their territories, most commonly being a line of spines from each dragon marking where and who they met.    when a female's eggs hatch she will take care of each dragonling until it has reached an age of roughly 1 year, it will then bring the dragonlings to a tall cliff and drop them off of it. if the dragonling figures out how to use its wings and fly then the mother dragon will see the dragon as fit to live on its own and will abandon the dragonling, if the dragonling does not fly then it will plummet to its death and the mother will not intervene. this is seen as a way to make sure that only the best of a quilled dragons offspring will pass on their genes, and so that time and energy is not wasted on continuing to care for the weak.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Quilled dragons produce many spines on their backs that they use for self defense and marking territory. these spines never stop growing so the dragon has to occasionally remove them somehow most commonly by scraping their necks and backs against rocks. these spines can be collected and because they are so sharp can be fashioned into tools such as arrows and writing quills.

Facial characteristics

quilled dragons have roundish mouths with the nostrils at the base of the head, their eyes have 2 pairs of transparent eyelids to help keep the eyes clean and to help see underwater. their teeth are long and curved to help stop fish from escaping their mouths and their ears are located inside the head o stop them from getting damaged.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Quilled dragons are mostly found in rocky coastal areas, such as rocky beaches, headlands, sea stacks and cliffs.

Average Intelligence

these dragons are quiet animalistic, possessing no form of higher thought
50 years
Average Height
2 metres
Average Weight
200 kilograms
Average Length
6 metres
Average Physique
quilled dragons have a long tail, with it being long then the neck. the torso of this animal is slim with the shoulders not protruding outward much from the body making the torso only slightly wider then the neck. it has 2 wings and 4 legs. this dragon also has spines, these spines are made from the same material as normal dragon scales and are only found on the neck, back and tail of the animal. quilled dragons also have larger lungs and spleens to help them go underwater.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
quilled dragons come in a variety of warm orange tones with brown stripes running down their bodies.

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