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Caeria was a world that had nothing special about it until about 30 years ago, when concepts like Magic or the Gods started trickling through the Veil, a barrier between worlds only discovered after disaster had already struck, into the world of Caeria. Now, there are all kinds of schools of Magic thanks to each coming from a different world previously shut out by the Veil, a pantheon of Gods (and religions centered around them) with members of both good and evil variations and a type of slow evolution from regular fauna and flora to a more exotic, magically infused variation. Nature is in a constant status of change.   For instance, some lizards started growing wings and gained the ability to breathe fire, instead of calling them "Great Horned Lizards", they are referred to as "Wyverns" and signify danger wherever encounter. Or some humanoids in certain regions infected by toxic plants due to nature's infusion with mana, turned into various other races over the short time span of not even a generation, such as Goblins, Orcs or Dragonborn. The most note-worthy addition to the races of Caeria is the emergence of an Elven populace, who seem to have come through the Veil by a means humanity is not yet aware of. Since their emergence they have maintained diplomatic relationships with most human kingdoms and even agreed upon immigration laws with some. As a result, there's quite a bit of interracial relationships between Elves and other races, mainly humans and half-half offspring aren't too uncommon.   However, not all is well in this world. The constant influx of magical energy into Caeria has not only had an influence on the flora and fauna, so nature as a whole, but also on the humanoid population. Over the 30 years the Veil has been pierced, there has been a huge rise of people with magical abilities each and every year. Magic isn't abundant, however. Even though the number is and has been rising since then, there's only a handful of people who can harness its power and are able to control the elements or the minds of others. Those chosen few aren't hard to identify due to their appearance being slightly different from everyone else's since birth. Another term that they are associated with is "canvas" since all of them have some form of painting on their body that resembles the Veil in some interpretative way. It could be a cloud pierced by waves. A lightning bolt that pierces through mist or something else that's quite on the abstract side of things. Being born with said symbols is not a blessing though since at the moment of Awakening, whenever the now infant unleashes their capabilities for the first time, there is a huge surge of Mana, oftentimes resulting in an explosion that destroys the surrounding area yet leaves the child unharmed. Most of the time, this results in the parents not wanting to have anything to do with the child, so they give it into the care of the kingdom. In extreme cases, the parents might die as a result of the surge which turns the child into an orphan. Anyhow, most of those "canvases" end up in the care of the corresponding kingdom or duchy sooner or later. To harbour the children, a majority of kingdoms has introduced the so called "Academies", wherein the children are raised together by a small group of adults.   This story begins in the Kingdom of Whitvalia in one such an Academy, named "Blumenthal".

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