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The noble Triton are the dominant people of Lemuria, brought to Meranthis from the Plane of Water by Mar-Lemurius during the creation of the world. They are guardians of the ocean depths, a resilient and honorable people that see it their duty to protect the world from aquatic horrors and combat any evil that threatens all that is good and innocent. Keeping mostly to themselves in ages past, some triton have begun to venture beyond their borders to the wider world.

Physical Description

Tritons are a remarkably diverse people, each one as unique as the many features of the ocean itself. However, they do share some common traits. They are slightly taller than humans, and are gifted with an exotic beauty rivaling that of the elves, and share their pointed ears. They have pearlescent skin with fish-like scales on their forearms and lower legs, with colors such as blue, green, and purple common. They have expressive eyes that are usually gold or black, and they have a secondary transparent eyelid to protect them from the depths of the ocean. Their hair ranges in color from seafoam green to coral red, and everything in between, and they tend to wear it long and braided. Male and female triton often weave seashells and other aquatic accents into their hair. Their hands and feet are webbed, and they possess small gills on either side of their neck.


Triton society is rooted in their long-held ideals of honor and nobility and their role as guardians of the oceans. The expansive cities of Lemuria, both on the surface and beneath the sea, are first and foremost bastions against the ever-present threats from the Plane of Water and other, more ancient horrors that lurk in the deep. Tritons hold that everyone has a communal goal to help protect the world, and they understand even a common merchant is helping to cultivate a healthy society that can uphold that duty. They often come off as haughty, self-absorbed, and arrogant, partially from limited exposure to other societies and their belief that the world should pay them respect, but they are a benevolent people at heart. Convinced that other civilized races deserve their protection, they will readily fight and die for others without question, and believe they owe a debt of honor to the world. All Triton are fervently committed to their paths, and as such are some of the most skilled warriors and spellcasters in all of Meranthis.


Because of their distant home, Tritons are not often encountered outside of Lemuria in the present age. However, more of them are venturing beyond their beyonds, either as emissaries of their people, or to learn about the people they’ve been protecting for so long. They are often mystified by the changing of seasons, and find much of mainland Meranthis’ customs and goings-on strange and bewildering. Most Triton adventurers are drawn to the martial paths, particularly fighters and paladins, and a fair number of them become druids or sorcerers.

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