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If there was any race to remind Meranthis of the terrible tyranny of the Arcanis Empire and its arcanist-lords, it is the tieflings. Created long ago when the Queen of Devils weaved her sinister magic into the world, tieflings are the result of the mixture of mortal and infernal blood. Their appearance is not the fault of their own, but many still look upon them with fear or hatred, and some turn to evil, but most others strive to prove they are more than their appearance portrays.

Physical Description

Tieflings are varied in their appearance, though they all display clear signs of infernal heritage. They have large horns that take a great many shapes, some curl around the head, while others stand straight, and others still spiral out from the forehead. Their skin ranges in hue from red to dark blue, and the various shades of human pigmentation, and their hair is often black or brown, but shades of red, blue, and purple are not unheard of. They have no visible pupils, and their eyes are solid colors of black, red, silver, or gold. It is rare that they are born with hooves, but all tieflings have long tails, that often display their current emotion with lashing and coiling.


Tieflings exist primarily among other cultures, as whatever civilization of their own they may have had died with the fall of the Arcanis Empire. The largest population of Tieflings live within the True Kingdom, where they are met more with curiosity rather than hated, thanks to the Aramates Dynasty’s tenets of equality and tolerance. A large number also live in the city-state of Carthak, where they dwell within a slum in the southern parts of the city. Tieflings as a whole understand they have to make their own way in the world, and while some take this to the extreme and give in to their infernal blood, most strive for a greater purpose, and willing assist those of other races they live amongst, even if they are not shown the same respect in turn.


The adventuring life comes naturally to tieflings, especially those that seek to break free of the prejudices that come with being of infernal blood. Many become sellswords and wandering spellcasters, while others use their natural charisma and gifts of magic to become enchanting, if odd, entertainers and magicians. Whatever they may be, an adventuring tiefling is often looking for a place to belong, and if they find it, they are loyal to a fault.

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