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The Memory Mages

When the elves were cursed for their hubris by Inaris long ago, a group of regretful high elves came together in order to find a way to preserve the memories of Elvenkind. Powerful arcanists, they used their collective magics to develop a way to extract memories from their people and preserve them in an enchanted lake in the center of Elderwyld. This loose order of wizards became known as memory mages, and they have preserved their people’s memories ever since.


High Elves preserve the memory of the living and keep them protected in the Pool of Memory, while the wood elves prefer to leave behind more their memories in nature itself, leaving behind imagery on trees and within gardens. The dark elves take a different approach, notably by focusing on the memories of the dead.

Public Agenda

Though the organization does not have a rigid structure, all memory mages have the same goal, to preserve the memories of their people and the wider world at large. Originally comprised of only high elves, over time they were joined by wood elves and dark elves, each with their own unique way of preserving memories.   The memory mages are largely unknown as a collective organization outside of Elderwyld. Most who encounter a memory mage simply see an elf traveling the world, when in reality they are often experiencing the ever-changing world to allow for future generations to understand the changes that occur beyond the borders of their forest kingdom. They work with the Aritificium Observatum on occasion, and rarely travel south to Damalith, as the elves care little for the chaotic deserts.
Guild, Mages

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