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The Knights-Bretyn

Within the True Kingdom, High Empress Bretyn is remembered not as the founder of an eventual doomed empire, but for her noble ideals of unity and freedom. To that end, following the establishment of the True Kingdom, a group of eldritch knights founded an organization of traveling heroes, intent on upholding Bretyn’s vision. Formally sanctioned by the Amarates Dynasty, they called themselves the Knights-Bretyn, and they work tirelessly for the betterment of their land.


While most members of the Knights-Bretyn follow the path of the eldritch knight, they never turn away those who seek to pledge themselves to their cause, even if they have no magical talent. They are led by the “Knight-Commander” from their castle fortress in Bretyngaard, and members of the order are known as “Knight-Errants”, with acolytes taking the title of “Knight-Squire”.

Public Agenda

The Knights-Bretyn believe fervently that the True Kingdom is the ultimate achievement of Bretyn’s original vision, free from the corruption that plagued the Arcanis Empire. However, they understand that humans are not free from fault, and so they travel the land, righting wrongs and defending against monsters and all manner of shadows that stem from the dark ambitions of humanity. They wield the arcane combined with their martial prowess, as physical examples of the unity of the True Kingdom.   The True Kingdom is where the majority of the Knights-Bretyn travel, and they are met openly by much of the kingdom, though some see them as naive crusaders who simply choose to overlook the past. Though they have little presence in the city-states, they are welcomed when they find reason to ride south, with much of the population paying them little mind. They are hated by agents of the Ordo Ouroboros, and it is they who are behind the schemes the Knights-Bretyn often unravel.
Military, Knightly Order

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