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Among the most mysterious of Meranthis’ races, the inquisitive catlike humanoids known as tabaxi hail from the ancient land of Aztlantl in Parlantha. Scholars believe a small population settled on the Broken Islands when it was still the single island known as Xoatzoatl, but few have been able to confirm the truth of this theory. Whatever the case, they are seldom seen on the mainland beyond the occasional wandering company, and little is truly known about them.

Physical Description

Tabaxi stand taller than the average human, with slender physiques covered in spotted or striped fur. Fur color ranges from light yellow to brownish red, and their slit-pupiled eyes are usually green or yellow. Like other felines, tabaxi have long tails and sharp, retractable claws. Those tabaxi that choose to grow hair tend to prefer long styles, often held together in ponytails by gold or silver ringlets. Tabaxi with solid spots are said to be descended from leopards, while those with rosette spots trace their lineage to the great jaguars of their homeland. Male and female tabaxi tend to wear circular jewelry, often in the form of ear piercings, necklaces, and bracelets.


Tabaxi maintain the tribal structure of their homeland, with each tribe residing in secluded enclaves throughout the jungles of Cuahpoctli. While they have a tradition of crafting goods from the minerals found in the Bloodtangle, tabaxi place little importance on material wealth beyond what jewelry they might wear and what they need to survive. Instead, they have a rich storytelling tradition, and a drive for knowledge. Those who wander beyond their home tend to seek out ancient relics and other rare objects in order to unravel the stories and secrets behind them, and then return home to record the knowledge learned.


Most tabaxi adventurers are driven by curiosity, and eagerly seek out new experiences. Many utilize their natural agility and mercurial nature and become rogues, bards, and others who rely on dexterity and wit to survive. Some tabaxi even become monks, finding the prospect of melding their natural curiosity with monastic discipline to be an interesting pursuit. Spellcasters are rare, but some dabble in the arcane, and wild sorcerers are sometimes found amongst them.

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