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Despite having one of the shortest lifetimes, humans are among the oldest of all the races of Meranthis, created by Abos thousands of years ago, and humans are widely adaptable and pursue all walks of life. Humans live all over Meratnhis, but they have realms of their own in places such as the True Kingdom and Damalith, where the majority of them live. Whether good or evil, large or small, humans always seek to do as much as they can with the years they are given.

Physical Description

Humans are physically as diverse as they are numerous. They tend to be shorter than dragonkind, but they are on average taller than most other races. Their skin ranges from nearly black in the south to very pale in the north, and they tend to have hair ranging in color from black to blonde. Facial hair is often common among men, particularly in the north.


Human society varies greatly, depending on where they live in Meranthis. In the north, humans live peacefully under the just rule of the Amarates Dynasty in the True Kingdom. In central Meranthis, they live mostly independently, carving out lives in the rugged wilds of the Border Marches and the busy streets of numerous city-states. In the south, humans struggle beneath the sun and vie for power in the tyrannical empire of Damalith. Wherever they are, adaptability is a trait that other races sometimes envy, for humans are seemingly always able to adjust to wherever they may find themselves, even if that includes the cold lands of Jorungloss.


Human adventurers are the most common, as they adventure for a myriad of different reasons. As such, nearly all paths count human among them, from the martial to the magical. Adventurers from Damalith are rare, but they are not unheard of, especially if they are fleeing from the constant war.

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