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Halflings are a strange race of short humanoids, with a fiercely optimistic outlook on life and a preference for simple lives. Appearing in the world within the past three hundred years, their origins are unknown, even to the halflings themselves. Seemingly blessed with an almost supernatural luck, the halflings dwell in small villages in the foothills of the True Kingdom, where they live simple and comfortable lives of food, drink, and merriment.

Physical Description

Halflings are the shortest of all the races, though they are remarkably resilient and tend to be on the rounder side in terms of body shape. Their skin ranges from tan to pale with hints of ruddy brown, and they have wavy hair that is often brown, black, or blonde. Their eyes tend to be similar in color to their hair, either brown or hazel, though blue is not unheard of. They have pointed ears, but they are much smaller than elves and are about the size of humans.


No one truly knows where halflings come from, not even halflings themselves, but they seem not to mind and prefer to live simple, comfortable lives. Nearly all halflings live in small villages in the foothills of the True Kingdom, near rivers and other small bodies of water. The comforts of home and good food are important to halflings, as is a good story by a warm fire. Most are farmers, fishermen, or gardeners, though some are wardens and protectors of their small villages. They do not seek out fame or fortune, though they have tales of folk heroes, but even they have accomplishments that seem small when compared to the tales of others. They cherish any friendships they make, and they are loyal to a fault.


Halfling adventurers are not particularly common, nor are they particularly rare. Many halflings seek out adventure in order to protect their homes, though there are just as many who adventure to see the world, and equal more who do because they have befriended other adventurers. When they must fight, halflings prefer to rely on their size and speed, and so rogues and other dexterous fighters are common. Magic is not foreign to them, and many halflings become sorcerers or bards.

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