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While many think that a half-orc is the result of a forced relationship between an orc and a human, that belief is not entirely true. The first half-orcs were the offspring of escaped orc slaves in Damalith and the humans who helped them do so. In the present age, half-orcs have a difficult place in the world, living amidst the dangers of Skyholm and struggling to prove themselves more than just monstrous barbarians.

Physical Description

Half-orcs stand quite tall when compared to humans, and their skin is almost always greenish or grayish in pigmentation. They tend to have powerful builds, with broad shoulders and thick muscles. They have slightly pointed ears and long tusk-like canines which gives them a bestial appearance, though their hair and eye color can be as varied as humans.


Beyond being physically weaker than orcs and mostly shunned by humans, half-orcs have little society of their own. Most of them live in small villages in Skyholm, where they try to build a culture of their own, despite knowing little of life beyond war and strife. Those half-orcs that manage to prove themselves to other races often become mercenaries, while some join their orc parents in becoming bloodthirsty marauders. Even in their own villages, half-orcs continuously strive to rise above their reputations and proves themselves better than their fellows.


Half-orcs find the life of an adventurer to be a natural path. Many seek to prove themselves they are more than what they appear to be, and making a mark on the world is a good way to achieve that end. Many utilize the orcish ferocity that lives within them to become strong melee combatants, whether they be fighters or barbarians. Magic is not commonplace among them, but the few that are gifted with it become sorcerers, and some are even clerics or druids, channeling mighty storms and predatory beasts.

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