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Half-elves are the physical embodiment of the close bond between humans and elves, a shining example of the love that can extend beyond racial borders. They combine the best traits from both of their parent races, and they often draw the jealous eye of humans and even some elves. Half-elves dwell primarily in the True Kingdom city of Meldhaven, where elves and humans have long lived together in harmony.

Physical Description

Half-elves share some physical similarities with humans and elves, but they have less of the ethereal beauty carried by their elven parents. They have lean builds like the elves, but build more muscle thanks to their human heritage. Skin color is usually inherited from the human parent, and their ears have a slight point, despite being more rounded than elven ears. Hair and eye color is usually a blend of both parents, and they tend towards more muted variations of elven hair, though their eyes can be a range of exotic colorations. Facial hair is not uncommon, though it tends to remain less pronounced than human beards.


Half-elves walk a fine line between the cultures of their parents. They are adaptable like their human parents, but they also retain some of the magical understanding of the elves. Without the curse of the Dwindling to affect them, half-elves don’t have the same worries as the elves, and they are far more cautious than the sometimes impulsive humans. With a deep understanding of how two races can come together, many diplomats are half-elves and the city-states of central Meranthis often appreciate having a half-elf in the ruling courts. Despite these things, half-elves still exist between two worlds, and outside of Meldhaven they do not have a culture of their own. Those that wander tend to adapt to wherever they settle, and so inherit certain characteristics of the local culture.


Half-elves adventure for many of the same reason as humans, and are almost as common. Half-elf merchants and wandering diplomats are not an uncommon sight. In battle, they tend towards paths that make use of their blended attributes, and many are rangers, fighters, and sorcerers.

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