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The goliath of Skyholm are not concerned with the affairs of the smaller folk, and the live a nomadic existence amidst the cold and thundering mountains of their homeland. As the chosen of Korrath, they have a built a culture around strength and resilience, and willingly live amongst their dangerous giant ancestors and the dragons that dwell deep within the caves of Skyholm. Every day is a challenge to a goliath, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Physical Description

Goliaths are massive bastions of strength, appearing to be carved from rock itself. They tower over other races, and have muscularity few can ever hope to match. Their skin ranges from gray to brown, with patterns of darker skin markings that run the span of their entire body. Both male and female shave their heads, though shaman wear their hair in long, pleated braids, and their eyes are often blue or green. Simple jewelry was common, carved from the bones of animals, and both male and female goliath adorn their bodies with piercings.


Goliath society is rather simple, centered around survival of the fittest. A goliath who can’t contribute to their tribe is often expelled, and lone goliath have little chance of survival if they are weak. They see self-reliance as a point of pride, and look down upon adults who cannot fend for themselves, and they teach their children survival skills from an early age. They do not rely on magic or money to survive, as they believe true challenge is only rewarding if there is a level playing field. Their constant drive to better themselves often results in tragically short life spans, but to them, a life lived in the face of constant challenge is better than a life lived running from it.


Adventuring goliaths, while discouraged amongst their people, are not unheard of, especially in the north. Because of their natural strength and fortitude, they tend to favor martial paths, and often become mercenaries or bodyguards to those who can provide a challenge, as money means little to a goliath. Goliath who are exiled from their tribe will sometimes join with bandit gangs, and those whose tribes are destroyed by giants or dragons venture south to find new challenges.

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