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Gnomes are a race of diminutive feyfolk with a joyful demeanor and an innate gift for magic. Uplifted by the dark elves, gnomes live in underground burrows and warrens beneath the great trees of Elderwyld. Descended by fey spirits of laughter, gnomes take delight in nearly all aspects of life, and they are often considered to be eccentric by the other races of Meranthis, though the joy they bring to all is always welcomed.

Physical Description

Gnomes are among the smallest of Meranthis’ people, but they are no less noticed. Their skin tends to be tan or brown, with hair of various colors, including fiery oranges, verdant greens, and deep purples. It is often said that no two gnome born into the same family will have the same hair color, and they have wildly different facial proportions. They always have large, bright eyes, but some have small noses while others have small mouths. Beards are common among males, and females style their hair in strange ways, and they reflect their fey origin whenever they can.


Gnomish society is always filled with excitement. Like the fey spirits, they have no formal class structure and see no need for rulers. They believe individual freedom to be paramount, and they have always held that in their history. Despite this, gnomes work remarkably well together, and they produce some of the greatest music in all of Meranthis. Many gnomes are also tinkers, producing strange, but wondrous inventions. Magic is common, and they have skilled and gifted illusionists. Though they have more than a few warrens in Elderwyld, most gnomes live within the Great Burrow, where gnomes of all types come together to live in wonder.


Gnomes constantly seek out wonder and excitement, so gnomish adventurers are fairly common. Many are bards, spreading their love of music with the rest of the world, and wizards are also commonplace. Their small stature makes them natural rogues and dexterous fighters, though they prefer ranged combat to being in the thick of the fight.

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