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The rarest of all the peoples of Meranthis, genasi are those born with the blood of elements in their veins, and are a unique people of dual nature connected to great events in Meranthis’ past. While they have no formal civilization of their own, the children of mortals and elementals have nonetheless found a home for their people in Meranthis, notably in the four elemental-touched realms of Lemuria, Elderwyld, Skyholm, and Cinderhearth. They may be few in number, but they have inherited a storied legacy.

Physical Description

Genasi tend to appear similar to their mortal parent, in size and stature, though the similarities end there. While each type of genasi appears differently depending on their elemental nature, they can manage to pass as their mortal parent’s race with enough concealment.   Air genasi typically have light blue skin, hair, and eyes. They are always accompanied by a cool, faint breeze, and some have quiet echoes to their voice. Patterns of white markings appear on their skin, and the patterns appear to glow occasionally.   Earth genasi have a wide range of skin tones, from deep brown to black or tan, and can appear like polished rock or constantly dusty. They have sparkling eyes like gemstones, and some have fissures in their skin that shine with a feint light.   Fire genasi all run feverishly hot to the touch, with skin of flaming red or ash-gray. Their hair ranges from bright, fiery red to hair that blazed with actual fire at the tips of the strands. Their eyes glow when roused to extreme emotion, and their voices crackle.   Water genasi often look like they’ve freshly bathed, with constant sheens of moisture coating their skin and hair. Their skin is often blue or green, and their eyes are slightly larger than normal. As if their constantly underwater, their hair often appears to sway and wave, floating freely in the air. Their voices often have similar aspects to the songs of whales.


Genasi do not have lands of their own, but those that are born in the elemental-touched lands tend to find a relatively peaceful existence amongst the native races. Both the Triton of Lemuria and Elves of Elderwyld welcome the genasi openly, while in Skyholm and Cinderhearth, the goliath and dwarves pay them no mind, so long as they don’t cause trouble. Genasi born outside of these lands either integrate as best they can to the local culture, even accepted openly in lands such as the True Kingdom, or they become outcasts, driven into exile for their appearance or fear of savage humanoids and slavery in more uncivilized parts of the world.


Without traditions and a culture to root them, Genasi often become adventurers. They can be encountered almost anywhere in Meranthis, and it is rare for anyone to see more than one genasi in their lifetime, and even genasi may only encounter of handful of those like them. Air and earth genasi tend towards the more martial paths, while fire and water genasi are often gifted spellcasters.

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