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Dwarves are a race of short and stout folk, with stoic demeanors and stern determination. Created by the Lord of Forge, the dwarves carve out great mountain halls beneath mountains and volcanoes, and they continue to shape their home of Cinderhearth into a bastion of dwarven might and culture. They are a hardy and resourceful people, known as the finest smiths in all of Meranthis. They guard their vast treasure hoards with a fierce resolve, and remain staunch wardens of the Ember and fight back against the monsters that live beneath the earth.

Physical Description

Despite their small stature, dwarves are skilled warriors, miners, and craftsman. They have compact bodies, with thick arms and legs. Their skin is mostly earthen colors, including light browns and deep tans, sometimes mixed with hues tinged with red or grey. Their hair tends to be colored brown, black, or red, with the occasional blond dwarf here and there. Both male and female dwarves wear the hair long, styling them in braids tied together with intricate beads and jewels. Males always grow beards, and they are styled similarly to their hair.


Dwarven society tends to be centered on three things: mining, the brewing of ale, and smithcraft. Most dwarves make their livings engaging in one of those three things, and they are known for their great artisans all throughout Meranthis. Their society is also staunchly traditionalist, maintaining customs that date back thousands of years to when the dwarves were first created. Change does not come lightly to the dwarves, and thus they hold ancient grudges and prejudices of their forefathers. Honor is highly valued in dwarven society, and it is often said the there is no truer word that the word of a dwarf, however gruff it may be. Dwarven warriors are some of the fiercest in all Meranthis, and their industrious society has led them to develop great engines of war. Those dwarves who are not artisans are often sentinels that guard the Ember or their capital city of Deepgate.


Dwarven adventurers are somewhat rare, as many of them prefer to stay within the borders of Cinderhearth, although they are not unheard of. Dwarven merchants are a common sight in the True Kingdom and the city-states of the Border Marches, and many mercenary bands have dwarven members. Because of their long history fighting against the Underdark and other subterranean threats, dwarves prefer melee combat over ranged, and many adventurers pursue the martial paths.

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