The desert empire of Damalith stands apart from the rest of Meranthis. While geographically part of the land, it has never taken part in any of the northern wars aside from the War of Sovereigns, nor concerned itself with the affairs of the lands beyond the Sun Gate. It is also the only land that worships a different pantheon, and has a vastly different culture and traditions because of it. The largest aspect that sets it apart from the rest of Meranthis is that it is an empire built in part by both human and orc.


Damalith is in some ways the mirror of Jorungloss, a scorched desert to its frozen wasteland. It is the second largest of the settled realms of Meranthis, stretching across the entirety of Meranthis’ southernmost end. It borders the Border Marches, Skyholm, and Nengurth to the north, the Gulf of Sands to the west and the Eternal Sea to the east.
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