Home to the dwarves, Cinderhearth is a bastion of technology. Since their creation thousands of years ago, the dwarves have constructed great citadels on the slopes of the mountains and volcanoes, their capital city of Deepgate as the shining example. The mountains themselves are largely impassable, and while the dwarves live mostly without fear of outside assault, they often deal with sporadic assaults from creatures of the Underdark. Mountain King Balgrim Ironborn rules Cinderhearth, and it is thanks to him that the dwarves continue to prosper.


Cinderheath is primarily mountainous. Foothills surround the mountains on all sides, though dwarven settlements are situated mostly in the mountains themselves and within the eastern foothills. The mountains border the True Kingdom to the north and east, while the Long River to the south separates them from the Border Marches. To the west lies the Shaking Sea, though the dwarves have no interest in maritime pursuits.
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