Broken Islands

The island archipelago that is the Broken Islands was once known as Xoatzoatl, a single island that is remembered as the ancestral home of the great elementals. Shattered over a thousand years ago by the arcanist-lords, the Broken Islands are one of Meranthis’ largest island chains, with six major islands and hundreds of smaller isles. The Broken Islands have no ruler, though barbarians, druids, and other tribal populations dwell on the mist-shrouded islands, along with the original Tabaxi natives. The islands themselves are largely unexplored by outsiders.


The Broken Islands sit in the far south of the Shaking Sea off the western coast of Damalith, and directly south of Lemuria. The southern islands jut into the Gulf of Sands, and it holds the westernmost point in all of Meranthis, and is thus the closest to the distant land of Parlantha. Most of the islands contain some variation of marshes, bogs, or wetlands, and the large central island contains the Bloodtangle, Meranthis’ largest jungle.
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