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In a different universe, sitting in an ocean endless as far as the eye can see, is the supercontinent of Burithien. To its north, there are islands filled with pirates and refugees, and a massive frozen sea of ice. To its west, lush green plains, only to be immediately contrasted by a dead, barren wasteland stretching along the coast. To the south, a once forgotten empire, turned to ruin, wasteland, and desert. And in the east, behind tall mountains stretch wide steppes, and beyond that the uncharted seas where few dare to sail.   In this land, a great many species inhabit it. The age-long rivalry between the two human races, the Feloreans and Beorlings, the elven kingdoms, the dwarves in their mighty underground strongholds, and a great many more beasts and animals.   Burithien lived at peace for many centuries, allowing its civilisations to prosper, expand and develop new technologies and societies. But in the far south, within a barren island off the shore, a great evil festers, and prepares to strike...