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The Generations

The Great 7 or The Greats is the name given to the 7 children of John Orris Bucher and Marguerite Marie Roy. No one remembers where the name came from, perhaps from when they became Great Aunts/Uncles or after the movie "The Magnificent 7". They are as follows: #1 Jon Arthur, #2 Samuel Jay, #3 Duane Edward "Ed", #4 Danny Roy, #5 Neida Marie, #6 Marguerite Estelle "Susie", and #7 James Donald. 
  The children of The Greats refer to themselves as The Cousins. The Cousins are, in birth order, Renee of #1, Duane of #3, Amy of #1, Jon Aric of #1, Denise of #3, Jay of #2, Wesley of #2, Matthew of #4, and Jennifer of #4. #5, #6, and #7 did not have any children. The Cousins also began referring to all spouses or partners of the family as The Outlaws. 
  The grandchildren of The Greats have had difficulties deciding on a name for their generation seeing as there is 25 years between the oldest and youngest. In birth order they are: Heath, Nathaniel, Stephanie, William, Jolene (me), Brooke, Jessica, Blue, Waylon, Hope, Jackson, Isaac, Nathan, Brooklynn, Isabell, Ashlyn, Abby, Rory, and Ainsley. 
  The next generation is The Babies and is still being born. So far it includes Isyla, Finnik, Saoirse, Emma, Jase, and Ivy.

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