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The High ‘N Dry

A major drug running pirate organization. They are part of the Pirates of the Endless Horizon but are also heavily influenced by The House.


The following are the “Big 5”, the most popular drugs that they distribute:   Aphrodites’ Bane - Derived from aromatic woods burnt by some kind of magical fire (they keep it secret the ashes are then pressed into paper which is then rolled and smoked. Once the effect kicks in, your veins throb and nerves burst with sensational sparks. Anything that feels good feels 10x better, and anything that felt bad now starts to feel good as well. Under the drug, one will gain the energy, and urge (though not the friction-resistance) to have sex for days. Aphrodites’ Bane is incredibly addictive, to the point that even one dose is enough to induce withdrawal if not kept up.   Tornhearts’ Gift - Mainly used by criminals, this drug is made from the seeds of berries crossbred with infernal varieties. It is taken by cutting a small slit in the bottom of the belly button, and stuffing the drug inside. Under the drug the mind and body crack cathartically, limiting beliefs seem to shatter, and so do your bones. They push up through the skin making armor and barbed weapons. Sinking back and reassembling once the dose has worn off. With repeated use of Tornhearts’ Gift, users will start to corrode and their whole body will be destroyed piece by piece.   Surge - Created from the slag produced from smelting magical alloys, and combined with the stamens of a night blooming flower which only grows on the coast of Kanaedia. The two ingredients are then grinded together and smoked through a long pipe (one must be cautions, for the drug combusts hot enough to burn the lips and lungs if taken before it is properly cooked). After it is taken, the crown of the users skull feels as though it is blossoming to the universe. Impossible ideas buzz about and dance across the folds of the brain. Under its influence users can cast magic (casters that take it may cast them at higher levels, non casters cast as if they were a magic user class rather than their current class, though you cast random spells). The main downside of this drug is that it makes it almost impossible to sleep after the fact. Users tend to be unable to sleep a day for each hour that they are on it.   Aupenssers’ Eye - Drops taken from the mucus cloud of an Aboleth and mixed with drops from the fluid that leaks from the skin of the Cerebrilith, the concoction that is created holds powerful psyonic power. The drops are typically frozen into cubes or stored in vials that users drink, sometimes when smuggled it is baked into rolls and eaten to get the same effect though it may not last as long. No matter the form, after it is consumed reality and imagination seem to blur at the edges. Users gain various abilities such the ability to lift small objects with their mind and speak telepathically with others under its influence and mystics. One of the most intriguing abilities that is gained under its influence is that users may interact with illusions as though they are real, and with an exertion of will, treat real things as though they are illusions. Since the drug makes it so easy to lose track of reality, many frequent users quickly lose their sanity to the Aupenssers’ eye. If the drug is in a tainted state many users won’t feel pain while using it and come out of fights gravely wounded, or drop dead. Also, Aupenssers’ Eye has been known cause a brain aneurysm (rare in pure form but not uncommon when it is tainted) due to users trying to exert so much power from their mind.   Diceys’ Haphazard Scattershot aka Scattershot - Taken from the Crystalized yet jelly-like sap of the ancient trees in the Sacred Pulsing Forest. In its pure form it can do impossible and insane things. The sap is taken by swallowing it in a single gulp without any liquids. Once it is taken you will feel like there are small explosives popping off in your throat and into your stomach, there may be a bright pulsing light that shines through the flesh for a moment until your body absorbs it. The effects could be instant, lasting long whiles, or it could take hours - even days - to have any effect. It is rare you will have the same effect happen twice. It is the most expensive drug and one of the most difficult to come by. It is regularly faked and many attempts to recreate it have been made but none have succeeded. The only deadly effect that it has is that the dosage is extremely sensitive, and can easily disable a god if too much is taken, and even easier cause a mortal to permanently become comatose, pulsing ever so slightly the colors of the Sacred Forest until they die.

Illicit, Cartel

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