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The Corruption

Transmission & Vectors

The few that come into contact with Lord Tornheart and live have a chance to contract a"gift" from him. By looking into his eyes there is a chance that one may contract this disease. As it is spread by eye contact it is extremely contagious, but only to members of the same race as the afflicted.


The Corruption remains dormant for weeks, even months. It is unknown what exactly makes symptoms appear; although some think that Lord Tornheart chooses when the symptoms start. At first, afflicted will start to have dark, evil thoughts. It varies from victim to victim as to what those thoughts may be (some claim that Lord Tornheart is in their head trying to tempt them to do unspeakable acts), for some its murderous thoughts, for others its thoughts of thievery, infidelity, etc. The longer they go with the disease the worse the thoughts get, and the more likely they are to act on them. Physically, the first sign of this disease is change of eye color. The eyes of the afflicted will slowly start to blacken, until they are empty black pits. Once the pupil becomes black is when more symptoms occur. Once again, they vary from victim to victim but are clearly unnatural and/or demonic. Some gain incredible strength, others suddenly can speak telepathically, or ignite objects with a thought. More commonly, it is not a gained ability, but a deadly symptom, such as random profuse bleeding, bones becoming frail and easily broken, or sudden heart attacks. Most die or are killed shortly after the pupil is blackened, but should the disease persist in the carrier and the eye become completely devoid of any other color but black the afflicted will become more demonic than human, possibly sprouting wings or fangs, or -more commonly- the skin and bones may start to form cracks and slowly split apart, the blood may begin to boil, or the heart may even explode out of the chest.


The only known treatments are to attempt to strike a deal with Lord Tornheart himself, or to be blessed by three gods, one being of life, one of light, and one of the following gods: Beshaba, Talona, Incabulos, Ralishaz, Morgion, The Fury, or The Traveler. If one should be cured, they will permanently have the change in eye color. Not even magic can reverse the black or cover it.


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