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Sword of Kings/Broken King's Blade

This sword has a silver and gold dust encrusted dragon bone hilt and a blade of obsidian, however the blade is broken, leaving only the first four inches of what was once a truly beautiful blade. This blade is the shattered remains of a legendary sword wielded by Paladine himself, passed down to the most worthy ruler; until it was given to Baranabus, now known as The Broken King after his descent into madness which nearly shattered the unity of the realm. Paladine reclaimed the sword until he deemed a new ruler or guardian worthy of its power.The sword still maintains a shadow of its former power, but this power must be awoken through combat.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Sword of Kings/Broken Kings' Blade is classified as a long sword and initially deals a d4 of damage, but with each successful hit a spectral shard of the blade returns, adding a charge and increasing the weapons damage by another d4. The Sword of Kings maxes at 4 charges, dealing 5d4 damage per successful attack. The weapon will lose 2 charges if a round of combat passes without a successful strike against a foe or if combat ends.

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