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The Capital of this kingdom is the western city of Karndurin, father city of wisdom and intellect. There is a second dwarven kingdom starting to form on the eastern half of this country due to a recent unending conflict over the creation of Warforged. Mecadonia believed it was only right to use their knowledge and skill to father a new race into being, while the other side, now becoming known as Mec-Cairn, believed that the right to create such life was meant for the gods. Mec- Cairn has taken the city known as Karnhearth, the father forge, as their capital. Legend speaks that it was there the dwarves were created. Inside the heart of a big mountain; renown for its forging of superior steel. While the dwarves of this side do not want to be a part of the creation of the Warforged they are not prejudice against them. The Warforged are not unwelcome in their side but they will be for the most part on their own. Some are simply afraid of what they might become while others want nothing to do with the Warforged believing that they may gather scorn from the gods for their pridefulness in creating another race. The dwarves can be differentiated by their names, if they are part of the MecDurin (roughly translated to the little wisdoms) Clan they are for creation of the Warforged, while others that have removed their clan name, or have taken MecHearth, are more than likely against it. There are also a handful of Earth Genasi that live on either side of this country. Both sides of Mecadonia are primarily underground, with settlements scattered above ground around entrances to the underground kingdom, while the rest of the above ground area is considered a badlands with many bandit camps and small groups of raiders and renegades throughout.

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