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Kulrarsuh or it's more common name among non - dwarvish people, The Black Haze, it’s large volcanic mountain range along the western coast of Brexeamar where the Gray Dwarves and the Deep Gnomes work and live. Small groups of Bugbear, Half - Orc, Goblin and Hobgoblin may be found working with the dwarves and gnomes inside the mountains, (it is rumored that a number of the Dark Elves reside here but it as been unproven) and each race shares a sort of bond due to them all being somewhat outcasts from the rest of Brexeamar (though more by choice overall). The beings here are very rugged and show few emotions other than grim determination. They are rarely seen above ground whatsoever aside from the Axe Breakers (The Battlerager Barbarian guardians of the Jagged Teeth). The volcanic mountain range along the western coast, starting at Egzilo Mergim and ending just below Boethia, are known as the Jagged Teeth. This is a harsh, brutal climate, arguably worse than The Furnace and Egzilo Mergim. It is made up of smog, ash, and jagged rocks. Lava spews from the mouths of the volcanos almost daily but the inhabitants of this land keep the lava under control. These mountains were carved into long ago, made into an enormous forge and weapons store, and is also said to hold an even larger treasure. The races in Kulrarsuh work together to forge some of the finest and most deadly weapons and armor. They only trade it with a select few. The Gith, specifically the Githyanki side of the race is a very welcome customer, but not the pirates (or at least not the ones they don’t know), only the trustworthy Githyanki that the people of Kulrarsuh have dealt with. They have also sold their creations to a mysterious race of very pale and skinny people, though they assume they are only elves with eating habits, “fucking elves” the dwarves remark after every trade the race. The Kulrarsarians are not bargainers, when they give a price it is non negotiable, and since their weapons and armor are basically their life’s work they make those they deal with wish it was literally an arm and/or leg rather than coin that they wanted.

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