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Egzilo Mergim

This section of Brexeamar holds the remaining members of the Yuan - ti race. After the Great War came to an end the Yuan - ti knew that they could not kill off the other races and rule over Brexeamar, but they refused to join their Union, or little kitten order as they called the Knights of the Lion’s Shadow, they would however agree to stop fighting. Now, their race stays within the borders of their sanctuary, frequently searched by members of the Knights of the Lion’s Shadow or some of the paladins belonging to the Legion of Infinity to assure they are not ammassing any kind of power to make an attempt at seizing control (especially in the recent turmoil). The topography of the area greatly varies from volcanic mountains in the south near the coast to areas covered by rainforest in the west. Scattered swamps, and savannas appear sporadically, interrupting the dense forests. The northern part of the land is also comprised of forests but are drier than their western counterparts, mainly growing small thorny trees. The air in this area is intensely hot and uncomfortable. The sky is usually filled with a smoky grit, due to the frequent eruptions of the volcanos, making the air even more unbearable until the rains come.

Parent Location

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