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The sleeping fox inn

The sleeping fox inn is a mysterious inn that doesn't appear to uphold the normal laws of physics. It's an inn that both exists and doesn't exist in the normal world as the entrance can be at multiple places at once. Due to the entrance shifting locations constantly it is a very difficult inn to find deliberately, however it is very easy to stumble upon when you least expect it. No matter where the inn was entered from, when exited it always returns you to the place where you entered.   The sleeping fox inn can be most easily encountered when someone enters an inn for the first time, as they will have a 30% (if 1d20 <= 6) chance to enter the sleeping fox inn instead. However there is still a roughly 5% chance (if 1d20 == 1) to enter The sleeping fox inn when entering an inn that has previously been visited.   On the inside a warm fireplace can be found on one of the walls surrounded by a few tables and benches. A couple of pillars extend from the floor to the first and second floor above, which are constructed with the center missing such that they can look out over all parts of the inn below and protected by a wooden banister. Each floor is outfitted with several tables and chairs and is connected to the other floors by a flight of stairs. At the ground floor a bar is situated towards the center back of the establishment.   The bar is often occupied by Viktor Lekrild who is the only staff member. Viktor has been running The sleeping fox in for years and years and is known by a decent amount of adventurers. Viktor loves to listen to the tales of the adventurers that come through his inn and often retells them with great enthousiasm. He also sometimes has special quests for aventurers who he's seen multiple times before, but receiving such a quest is rare and the quests themselves are often difficult to complete, made more difficult by the fact that it can sometimes be extremely difficult to find The sleeping fox inn again.   At the back of the bar is a door with a staircase leading down towards a storage cellar where Viktor keeps the majority of the beverages and consumables required to run the inn. He'll also store some valuable trinkets there if an adventurer is able to sell it for a decent price (he's very picky on what he does and doesn't buy). He also has a knack for alchemy and sells many of his potions to adventurers, ranging from invisibility potions to healing elixers.     The inn itself is often rather crowded due to every inn in the entire world having a chance to lead to The sleeping fox inn instead. Due to the constant business Viktor is very strict when fights break out and is fully prepared to throw people out if they refuse to listen to his warnings. This is often done by splashing an exceedingly potent draught of sleeping on them, causing them to fall asleep within seconds and sometimes lasting for over 10 minutes.
Corporation, Hospitality

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