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Session 1: The adventurer's Guild

General Summary

The party finds themselves in a meeting room in the Adventurer's guild where they meet the guild leader. They are asked to join the guild and after they do are presented some quests. After some debate they decide on the protection quest, a wood level quest where they are tasked with protecting a storage facility during the night. After being shown around the guild's main hall they decide to rest until the evening. After they arrive at the storage facility they start discussing some strategies and also introducing themselves a bit further, but they are attacked by a group of thieves. After some heavy combat they dispatch all of them and return to the guild to receive their reward.   (NOTE: The guild and all quests associated with it are not and will not be listed on World Anvil as there is an article limit and the structure of the guild and guild quests has become too complex to store efficiently.)
Report Date
19 Dec 2021

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