Venus is a world that in a better universe would house massive human population in relative comfort (at least once it was properly terraformed). It was, in fact, one of the three major population centers of Mankind (together with Mars and Earth. Neither the Transhuman Wars nor the Blackout were kind to it.   Today the Venusian government is on the verge of collapse, its society appears to be approaching a genocidal civil war, and its planned economy is on the verge of shattering under the strain while the population turns less and less human. The future of Venus looks grim.


Venus is generally speaking an Earth-like world, with a singular and massive ocean (that's however rather shallow when compared to ones from Earth). The side effect is that Venus lacks significant ice caps at the poles, although there is some ice to be found there. It also means bad things for the temperature shifts on the planet, as deep oceans are helpful in stabilizing planetary temperatures.   Its continents tend to be composed of mostly empty plains, with only some relatively small mountains and valleys to make them less monotonous. You can also expect a lot of canals (once filled with lava, now with water).   Local climate is relatively mild, at the downside of the air pressure being pretty high (at around 5 bars). This forces humans to wear respirator masks while outside to avoid long-term health problems. The local fauna (transported from Earth) has mostly adapted to that, although most of it lives significantly shorter than on the cradle of Mankind.


Varied, depending on the biome in question. The biggest problem is the long night (acting as an equivalent of the winter), which causes periodic (if small scale) extinction events to animals and plants alike. It's not enough to wipe them all out (what survived few first years here has mostly adapted), but enough to make Venus not turn into a garden world to rival Earth.


Venus was initially claimed and colonized by countries of the now defunct Union of Progress and Freedom, an alliance of terran countries that responded to the disasters of the Days of Fire by abandoning capitalism in favour of socialist economies. It was typically accompanied by rather progressive approach to issues such as gender.   Free Republic of Venus has become de facto independent after the UPF collapsed during the Third World War, although it maintained close ties with the remaining socialist countires of Earth (that today has mostly collapsed into obscurity following the disaster that the Fourth World War was).   FRV embraced advanced technologies and the ideas of radical reshaping of both society and human bodies as a whole, leading to it suffering truly horrifying casualties during the Transhuman Wars. Many of its inhabitants sided with the transhumans, and by the time they were driven away from Venus, half of the planet lied in ruin. After the Second Treaty of Deimos put limitations on the concept of transhumanism, the FRV obeyed it in the letter, but not exactly in the spirit.   Venus remained at the forefront of the transhuman-derived technologies, just those adhering to the Second Treaty of Deimos'. Venusians still made attempts to reshape society (especially gender, which together with the Free Love Society that the FRV de facto was earned them a rather specific reputation throughout the Solar System, but also human biology as a whole). However, less than a decade after the Third Transhuman War, the Blackout happened.   Venus was decimated once again. Its economy is struggling to maintain itself in the new circumstances, the FRV's government authority is rapidly collapsing, and the population is dividing between several power blocs typically created alongside some particular set of ideologies and biological alterations that happened to be especially popular among the population of some surviving region of Venus.   Whether they will manage to set their differences aside or will Venus fracture into a dozen countries (or will one of them conquer the rest, probably brutally) remains to be seen.
Distance from Sun: 108 mil. km
Diameter: 12104 km
Solar Constant: 3.779
Mass: 0.815 Earths
Mean Density: 5.243 kg/l
Orbital Period: 225 Earth days
Day Length: 584 Earth days
Rotation Axial Tilt: <10 degrees   Avg. Temperature per Latitude
poles: -29 C
75 deg: -4 C
60 deg: 5 C
45 deg: 13 C
30 deg: 19 C
15 deg: 24 C
equator: 29 C
Type: Planet [Terraformed]
Location: Venus Subsystem
Satelites: None
Status: Colonized
Population: ~570 mln.
Free Republic of Venus


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