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Black Sovereign Earth

Created by

Ethos is the power of the Gods, the power that shaped reality and it is in the hands of mortals whether honest or wicked. At the helm of this world lies the Black Sovereign, not known to be good or bad but rich in prestige and power. Not sure which side of the scale he lands on, Black Sovereign follows Bereketi as he travels the world. With his twin brother, Tekelakayi, and cousin, Fik’iri in tow, the 3 soon set off unraveling mysteries in the name of adventure. In other words, we have a set of twin prodigies only held back by experience and insecurity led by a much wiser and older cousin diving into a world of mystery and prestige. Between the illustrious Black Sovereign and the various Gods that have made this planet their home, I am certain Bereketi will have his hands full.