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Brown Cluster

The Brown Cluster are a group of dreamscapes in the Black Marble denoting all things brown. The air oddly tastes like vanilla, that might be the brown food.


This is an incomplete list of Brown Cluster Dreamscapes.
Arsden: Land of Fecal Matter
Arsden is probably one of the most disgusting places to visit, always a rotting smell to welcome you each visit and the people are all sleazy or fit in that aesthetic. Well... all is a horrible word to say, some people like Arsden for its own reasons and embrace their culture in their own ways.

Betau: Land of Prehistoric Fiction
There is a lot of danger expected in Betau, specifically danger flavoured in dinosaurs. Dinosaur humanoids, were-dinosaurs, dinosaurs, men, the works. It is primed for the survival of the fittest, and the locals would rather have it stay as such. ARK has been putting more effort into Betau, even setting up an entire research centre to study the anatomy of dinosaurs, much to the chagrin of others.
Brownlea: Land of Autumn
Cape Kohi: Land of Coffee
I think everyone in this town is tied to coffee in some way. If drawn away from the land or the scent of it, the residents would go rabid in rage. Be especially wary of Kohian Elves, coffee is all they live for.
Colatl Bay: Land of Chocolate
Fort Noire: Land of Chocolate Cake
Gallufry: Land of Fried Chicken
Hanmayama: Land of Hammers
A mountainous region lit by the fires of its warriors.
Holzwalde: Land of Wood
Jorsmouth: Land of Pirates and Pirate Fiction
Palaunu: Land of the colour Brown
Patthar: Land of Stone
Patthar is known for its mountain and crowded towns. The village is a tower of houses topped one on another with merchants selling their wares on the street. The mountain is famous in the Brown Cluster for its history, incubation, and its mystery of an all-eyed mongoose. Atop the mountain is the Rite of Stability, held by a sports fan from San Hermanos. The elder is the cranky Hisyphus, noted for his stubbornness.
Sommermarsh: Land of Smores


The sky is like an accident. A cup of black coffee knocked over and spilt on your favourite sheet of paper. An endless supply of brown darks and lights with nothing but cream to note the stars.
Alternative Name(s)
Coffee Clusters
Galaxy Cluster
Included Locations

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