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The Mad Jester

The Mad Jester is a Vethallier Male Elf, who looks somewhere in his thirties. The Mad Jester is renown throughout the Archipelago as a scourge that has plundered, murdered, and stole from just about every nation. The Mad Jester and his Lunatics of the Manic March's first appearance was some time after the Dark Times, though it is unsure if he was active during the Dark Times. They came from the Aquavia on a large ship, now called the Beast, and tore apart the first settlements, killing and burning while cackling to each other.   Sometime during the Era of Peace The Circus appeared outside of Astillier, this appearance was sudden, without witnesses and apparently without time, as multiple people tell of different dates of its appearance. Leading the Circus as the Ringmaster is the Mad Jester, who appears to have stopped his wanton destruction, or at least reduced it somewhat. His days are now spent roaming the Circus joining in the attractions, making them more unsettling in the process, and offering delights and desires to all who attend, for a price.  


The Mad Jester is an unstable being who can flip from murderous glee to gentle compassion on a coin, leaving the people in his wake confused and unsettled.   He seems to carry some sort of internal logic that guides his action, but people just confuse his actions with madness.   Every emotion that the Mad Jester exhibits seems to never reach his eyes. The Mad Jester holds little stock in the sanctity of life, and is just as likely to gut and kill a person as walk by them. In recent years following the appearance of The Circus, the Mad Jester seems to have calmed down. Resulting in a much less death and destruction.   The Mad Jester also appears to calm down when he is in his cups.

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