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Ailu Hood

Great Gemini, Grandmaster Ailu Hood (a.k.a. Mindslayer)

The mind is an incredible thing, capable of performing complex tasks and problem solving in ways no small animal can accomplish. However, it can also be fooled, manipulated, bent to my will. Remove the necessary stimuli for decision making, leave just enough information to process only what you want them to see, and suddenly the mind lives in the caster's world.
From here we can break down the mind, find its weaknesses and exploit them to their fullest, all without laying a hand on the individual.
— Ailu

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Very tall for his race, has an overall slim appearance that hides a strong core and overall high level of fitness.

Body Features

Jet black fur with medium gray tipped tails.

Facial Features

Pronounced cheek bones and slightly narrowed eyes due to years of squinting. Jaw line is somewhat narrow and ends with a pointy chin.

Identifying Characteristics

Unusually vibrant blue eye color and an unusual height and build.

Physical quirks

Ailu carries himself very loosely and has a generally flowy motion to him. In combat demonstrations many people claim he simply floats around his opponents' moves, demonstrating incredible balance.

Special abilities

Grandmaster Illusionist, most likely the most talented in his field globally. Capable of mind flaying if he can get a hand on his opponent's head.
Also is a very talented striker, his fighting style emphasizes movement and balance over power, complimenting his Illusion techniques.

Apparel & Accessories

Typically wears a long dark blue robe, flaring out a little at the bottom to allow for increased leg movement. The way the robe moves while he fights gives him an almost ghostlike flowing appearance.


Social Aptitude

Typically quiet and only speaks when addressed in conversation. Generally has an unnerving calm to him, most notably when in combat.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Grandmaster, Circle of Magic
Currently Held Titles
Biological Sex
None, fur
180 lbs
Aligned Organization

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