Baq'ians are humanoid animals, otherwise referred to as anthropomorphic. They are divided into Tribes and Clans and can be found throughout Baq'dour. Baq'ians vary in size and shape, depending on their Tribe or Clan.
They are a peaceful species, used to a simple life of hunting, fishing and gathering, following the ways of Kesh. Family and community are a very big part of their every day lives.

Tribes and Clans are scattered throughout Baq'dour with the majority being on Me'dora . At the southern most point of the continent, six of these Tribes and Clans live in close proximity to each other and form the Southern Array. They are:
  1. Wolf Tribe
  2. Bear Clan
  3. Leopard Tribe
  4. Deer Tribe
  5. Magpie Clan
  6. Fox Tribe
The Alpha of the Wolf Tribe is the overseer of the Array. When needed, he has the final say in any decision that needs to be made that effects all those within the Array.


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