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The curve of steeps hills to the northwest of Badiseta holds Cuaxhilo, a barren landscape in which few creatures live. The lack of vegetation and water prohibits travel through the region as well. The superstitious of Badiseta whisper about a curse over the land, placed there after an exile from some forgotten village murdered his family here.   Though unlikely, it gives some history to the empty landscape and the odd rock formations that occur there, as well as the feelings of despair and loss that occur within travelers here. Even the abhumans that live in the mountains detour around the space. The sharp winds that cut through the winding rocks carry the scent of smoke and rotting meat, even when nothing like that is nearby.   It is rumored that some exiles have found a living here, but none have been seen. It is assumed that the mountains continue beyond Cuaxhilo, but no one has ever circled around the region to confirm.


The northwestern hills break into large collections of shale-like rock, despite not being made of sediment. The entire region is unstable footing, making trekking through nearly impossible with any speed. The pale rock formations are nearly regular in their placement, leading many settlers to believe that they were deliberately placed by the previous inhabitants. Due to the shifting nature of the rocks, little grows here. The lack of permanent shelter and water has driven most fauna away from the place.   Though many of the hills are rounded and wide, there are several precarious formations akin to thin pillars rising from the ground. Some have reported these toppling in strong winds, but they always seem to reform overnight.

Natural Resources

Though no true natural resources exist in Cuaxhilo, some have absconded with rocks from the area. Those rocks also hum at random intervals.
Alternative Name(s)
The Stone Knives

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