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The world of Azmoth was created by Az-Mozeth, a creator Elumen who formed the world as a source of power, and hid it in a protective dimension. But one of the corrupters, a Shailumen named Di-Anthnik, discovered the infant world, and made plans to take it for his own. For both the Elumen and the Shailumen desire worlds. Their motives are beyond our understanding – perhaps they use it for power, or currency, or status. But Di-Anthnik planned to steal the world from our maker, Az-Mozeth.   But the gods are more subtle than men, and the infant world could not withstand the touch of divine beings, so they did not war directly on our world. Instead they raised up servants: Az-Mozeth created Anhouim to do his work, while Di-Anthnik created Demons. In turn, the Anhouim made Arch-Angels, and the Demons made Arch-Devils. And so on, until finally the minor angels made men, and the minor demons made the darklings. These would be the servants who could do the detailed work and confront each other without destroying the world or ruining it’s value. Because they had so little of the divine in them, they could not understand the greater workings of the Godwar. But because they still had a divine spark, they were zealous to accomplish their work.   Now both Di-Anthnik and Az-Mozeth use their forces to battle over the world, each to gain dominance so that he can banish the other’s influence. -From the “Chronicles of the Anhouim,” by Magir, High Priest of Tyl   This is Azmoth, a world embroiled in a divine war that none of its inhabitants begin to comprehend.