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The universe of Avôra was created an unknown number of ages ago by the ancient Makers, as well as the other deities known as the Immortals. They were made the Great Creator, Yahnírr. There are many tales and legend surrounding the creation of the universe and the deities. Some of them came from the Faen, who are very knowledgeable, and have existed longer than Dwarfs or Men.   Within the cosmos lies the mortal world, known by the name of Midstar in the common tongue. On this world is the continent of Odránidir, where many nations and cultures lie. In the east, the beautiful Faen reside in their kingdoms of old. In the mountains, the Dwarfs toil and work in their mines and forges. And in the rest of the land, the race of men rule their kingdoms and realms.   The story of the world of Midstar and Avôra spans over many different eras, and revolves around different historical figures, heroes, villains, supernatural creatures, and so on. Some of the stories over arc with each other.