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The Arcadian Expanse

The Arcadian Expanse is an enormous stretch of ocean West of the Isles of Albion which is said to have once contained a powerful civilisation that was claimed by the ravages of the sea centuries ago.   Successfully sailing the Expanse is seen as a badge of honour amongst Albion sailors. The fickle currents, landmasses that seem to emerge from nowhere, and ice floes that drift dangerously from its northern reaches have often proved fatal for fishing and exploratory vessels alike, even those under experienced captains.   Because of its fearsome reputation, and the general predisposition of Albion people towards the morose and dramatic, it is inevitable that the Arcadian Expanse has become the supposed home to an untold number of monsters and sea-beasts that hunger for the flesh of men. There are many tales of grizzled captains dumping their precious cargo overboard in the hope that the roiling shadows under the water are sated enough not to give chase.   Though many such tales are the stuff of fancy, a sailor's tall tale embellished to perhaps eek out a free drink from enraptured dockworkers, there are persistent sightings and reports of behemoths within the Arcadian Expanse, some spoken with more dread and fearful whispers than others. One such tale is that of the Fogwatcher.   According to the tales, sightings of the Fogwatcher are preceeded by an intense cold that seems to seep into the sailor's very bones. Soon after, a thick blanket of fog appears as if from nowhere, even on days that were previously clear and warm with some sailors claiming that it seems to erupt suddenly from the water itself. No-one is said to have seen the Fogwatcher up close, survivors usually recall the spilintering of wood and tearing of steel as other ships disappear into the mist, never to be seen again, a foaming of the ocean the only sign of the terror that lies beneath.

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