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1702 AGA, 13th Moon

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In a world where "magic" is The Great One's greatest gift, twelve Elven races coexist across the continents. Since the dawn of the Elves, the people of Auurian have developed civilization around the use of this great power called Auur, the fifth element, or the great force that flows through the fabric of the universe. During the events of the catastrophic Thousand-Year Race War the Elves were progressively divided by curses into twelve separate races. Thousands of years later and an unamended world is infested with a sinister arcane microbe that taints the farthest reaches of the land, plagues of monsters from old wars still untamed, the Tyraiden Empire which stands to rid the world of magic, and many great sinister forces who embody all that is evil currently threaten to destroy the little peace that is left in Auurian.   Is there hope for Auurian?   One hero, known as the Angel of Death, found in fables across the twelve races is prophesied to become the most powerful Auur wielder of them all, and issue in the dawn of The Age of Redemption.   Follow the Adventures of Bridgett, a Dark Elf girl, as she trains with her friends to become Guardians, uncovers the secrets of the Elven races, and discovers her impossible destiny that will decide the fate of Auurian.       I hope this story piqued your interest. If anyone actually gets to read this (I don't know how this platform works yet while I'm writing this) then I hope you will ask about it. My inspiration has many layers, but at the root of it all I asked myself one day if there was a story out there: be it a book, an anime, a TV series, a video game, or a manga, that had all the qualities that I was looking for. The answer was no, and I was at a loss, and then it hit me, why don't you just write it yourself?   I plan on writing an epic of a fantasy story that excellently combines the elements of action, comedy, drama, and romance. There are too many action stories that struggle to pull off a good romance, have too much drama, or use an outrageous amount of comedy.