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Terran Year: March 9th, 2047

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An unforgiving yet beautiful landscape of purple-grass (eunjeck) covered hills to the east, chilly mountain spires (skizra) to the north, blazing hot deserts (histak) in the west, massive volcanic islands (puol) to the south, and hot, steaming jungles (khoyna) in the midlands, Auser is an earth-like planet with a wide variety of flora and fauna. Atmospheric makeup is similar to that of an Earth-class planet, consisting mostly of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, etc., but with higher oxygen content. It's 1.5x larger than Earth, and with a gravitational field to match- gravity is not as powerful on Auser. The tilt of the planet's axis is also similar to that of Earth's. Auser's surface is taken up largely by an acidic ocean, making up about 78% of the observable mass. Three continents are present, one being a large blob-shaped landmass filling out the middle of one side of the planet, and the other two smaller continents spotting the opposite side. Many islands dot the ocean, most volcanic. Due to the oxygen content of the atmosphere, certain species have evolved to be massive, hulking creatures, ranging from giant insect-like carnivores to plant-consuming behemoths. Plants have evolved corresponding traits, leading to carnivorous bushes, poisonous vines, and cognitive trees capable of advanced movement. The main inhabitants of Auser, the Ausran, are a sentient race capable of incredible longevity. Many of their population possess abilities that range from reshaping matter all the way to breaking the very fabric of space-time in localized areas. Their culture is incredibly diverse, and they have reached their "space age" ahead of many of their competitors in their local quadrant. The population on Auser has decreased exponentially in recent times due to war, mass emigration to different worlds, and famine. The fourth planet from it's sun, Auser's climate and weather patterns are ever-so-slightly colder than Earth's, though the atmospheric makeup allows for more heat energy to hit the surface of the planet. Rain consists of a mixture of water and sulfur. The acidic properties of the rain can be remedied through the boiling of the water to separate the sulfur from the rainwater. Most flora and fauna have evolved to drink or absorb the mixture as is. With its twin moons, Ild and Isd, ocean currents are more unstable on Auser, leading to high tides of 5+ meters higher than normal during periods when the moons are the closest together. Air currents are influenced by these as well, making tornadoes and sulfuric hurricanes a common occurrence.

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