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Aurora Stories

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A New Age, For All Lightkind

In the distant past, the Realm of Erra was different. It's markets sold goods not just from far away lands, but from other worlds. The seas were crossed by valiant merchants and sailors, while the heavens were crossed by the Skyfarers. The Skyfarers were the best, the brightest the most vigorous and the most valorous. They brought spices and furs, trinkets and inventions, they were a shining hope for all Lightkind.   Alas...that was a long time ago.   One day, the Skyfarers were fewer. Years later, there were less. As Erra faded from the heavenly trade, the faithful rose up against those who had brought the miracles from beyond. Infused with the righteous wrath of holy God, the faithful hunted down and slew the arrogant Skyfarers. Cleansed of the heathen travelers, Holy Erra rejoiced as only the true Lightkind could enjoy the bounty of the world without having it stolen from the abominations of the past.   We have lived in grace for three thousand years.   Now that Grace is shattered. Under the dogma of holy decree, the lands and races have become ever more rebellious. New prophets are slain in fire raging against Holy Grandfather Church. The dictates of monks and priests no longer calm the ambition of feudal lords and ladies eager to expand their power. As the centre breaks, the calamity of war spreads from kingdom to kingdom.   In the chaos, there is hope. For a new brood of the skies slowly steps ever closer to the awakening. For three thousand years, the skies have been closed.   The skies shall open as the children awaken.