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Giant Northboard Eagles

These eagles are also known as dragon-birds because of their immense size and feathers that resemble scales in their slightly iridescent tinge and sturdy diamond shape. With a wing span of 3-5 meters when fully grown, they are strong enough to carry one person when fitted with a saddle made of the helium leaves of the qweice bush which weigh approximately -35kg.   In the old days people would explore on these great beasts, but now they are quite expensive and other forms of transport are much more convenient. They are still commonly used however in daily life but more for enjoyment than necessity.   Dragon bird now have many breeds much like horses which through centuries of selective breeding can be suitable for different jobs and have a variety of personal traits. Some also have liatans which is the umbrella term for special (whether magical or not) abilities or traits in animals.   The Giant Northboard Eagles liatans include fireproof scales, heat sensing vision, and lunar luminesce. Unfortunately, these liatans are not passed down to the next generation so cannot be bred, and some eagles have been known to even grow out of these traits.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

They age extremely slowly and show no signs of being affected by old age. Most die from starvation as they have to eat the equivalent of three large pigs every month. The only way of telling how old one is is by the brightness of the scales - the black coating slowly wears away over time to reveal the brighter color beneath.

Ecology and Habitats

This beast kills animals up to the size of large sheep. Anywhere there is enough type of prey they can survive but they prefer open skies as their large size often limits their maneuverability.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Incredible eyesight. Sense temperature through feathers.
Scientific Name
Aquila dragna
Conservation Status
In danger in the wild

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