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Oceanic Freezes

Each year in the southern realm so there is two seasons. The Humid season and the Frozen season. This is believed to be due to an excess of magic use in the southern regions during the Kali War. In the summer even the coldest islands off Alatar’s coast are warm. The Frozen Ocean recedes to the Vanished Continent as glaciers on top of it. But in the winter, the Frozen Ocean shoots forward despite it only dropping a few degrees. It has been known to reach as far north as Pallando. Alatar’s southern coast and the nearby archipelago are frozen together and the sea level drops by an average of 9 metres. The land this exposes leaves the entire continental plate Pallando is on connecting several countries and islands. The many of the Coral Steppe’s atolls are exposed and islands appear in the lagoon that separates Alatar’s marshes from it’s rainforests and reefs.  Not long after the Kali War ended there was an event known as the Snowballing where the Frozen Ocean, rather than decrease in the summer continued north until it nearly enveloped the globe. The only area that didn’t become frozen is now a wide swathe of forest that covers most of northern Main. No one is sure how many times in Atryal’s history this has occurred if indeed it has occurred more than this one occasion and this is the only one documented because the Wizards were too primitive to remember this.
Metaphysical, Arcane

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