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The Primary gods were responsible for the creation of Atlas, forming a chamber where they made initial tests and came to decisions as to what they would keep and what they would destroy. After coming to an agreement, Atlas was birthed, forged out of the sheer will of the gods, sacrificing their physical bodies to fuel their ultimate creation.   Gods were incapable of tampering with their creation, only serving as occasional Augurs of impending events.   Atlas’s history is governed by the development and destruction of civilisations, leaving layers of progress and regression, creating the crust of this world. The first societies were said to be exclusively Giants, larger than life humanoids with stronger connections to the elements and hardier bodies. Overtime, Dragons evolved, becoming more of a threat, attacking settlements and cities alike, plundering for treasure and valuables and eat those that got in the way. Giants and Dragons waged war on each other for hundreds of years, until the Disunion occured.   After “The Disunion”, everything changed. Matter itself was split into multiple parts, leading to the creation of new humanoid races, the destruction and extinction of Dragons and the scattering of giants into smaller and less grand civilisations.   After this event, society developed similarly to Earth, there were periods of violence and attempted monotheism, the mistrust and active segregation of races, the rise and fall of benevolent leaders and tyrannical dictators until we now find ourselves in the time of Renaissance. Humanoid culture has reached ground breaking trajectory and technology is beginning to be favoured above traditional arcane practitioners.